Construction-production and sales company

Designs and executes works as pep the engineering system.

A great number of executed buildings in the country and abroad are a result of a modern
organization and successful cooperation of this company with leading designing and scientific


Execution of buildings of different purposes - standard ones as well as per individual requirements:

- production hall, storehouses,

- sports halls,

- residence, business and commercial buildings,

- steel and energetic bridges and shelf storages,

- executes assembly of roof coverings, facades and ceillings with and without thermal insulation,

- executes conventional sheet-metal and locksmith works,

- executes and assemblies fire-fighting doors and partitions,

- executes rebuilding of flat roofs with steel sub-structure and covering of steel or aluminium sheet,

- in the period of the country reconstruction executes works at the renovation of the buildings damaged by bombing.

The seat of our company is in Užice, 200 kms from Belgrade, in the Western part of Serbia.

We have at our disposal exceptional production plants at the area of 5000 square metres, situated in the space of 5 hectares along the primary road Belgrade - Podgorica - South Adriatic Sea, i.e. future highway.

The company "JEDINSTVO-METALOGRADNJA" has existed for 50 years now.


Serbia, 31205 Sevojno-Užice , Prvomajska str.
phone +381 31/532-555, +381 31 /533-668, fax: +381 31/533 -689
e-mail: j_metal @,